Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Highest professional standards. Excellent. Highly competent. "Sunshiny" happy office and staff. Capable, practical, economical at highest level of practice.

Charles Bear

I have had an amazing experience with this dentist and the staff. They work with payment and time schedules. Everyone was nice and very welcoming. Just over all a great experience. I would recommend everyone I know to go to them. Plus the work that they have done on me is amazing and absolutely no problems.

Brook R

I have been a patient of Dr. James Klump for about 15 years. I have always received excellent care from him and his staff. I had some deterioration in the enamel and discoloration of my two upper front teeth. I also had spaces between them and the two teeth on each side of them. Dr. Klump recommended putting crowns on the two front teeth, and veneers on the other four. After much deliberation, I decided to have the procedures done. The work could be done in two appointments. At the first appoint, all the preparation was done on my teeth, and Dr. Klump and his staff created a beautifully crafted temporary bridge. It was perfectly matched to my other teeth, and filled all of the space between the teeth. I was absolutely amazed a tthe difference, and I walked out of his office with a brand new smile. When the permanent crowns and veneers came back from the lab, I went in for my second and supposedly final appointment. The temporary bridge was removed, and the crowns and veneers put on my teeth. Dr. Klump kept having me look after each was put on, as he wanted to be sure that I was pleased and satisfied before he put them on permanently. All were perfect with the exception of two veneers that didn't quite fit the gum line. Dr. Klump sent them back to the lab twice, until they were a perfect fit. My teeth look natural, and I am constantly getting compliments on how nice they look and what a beautiful smile I have. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Klump and his staff, and I highly recommend them for any dental procedure.

Charlene Briggs

I had major dental work that had to be done and dreaded the whole experience that lay before me. I had some pretty bad experiences with dentists in the past. A friend referred me to Dr. Klump. The entire experience was awesome from day one. Both Dr. Klump and his staff are such a friendly, patient and thoughtful group. I felt as ease, they were great at thoroughly explaining my options and the procedures. You really feel as if you are more than just a patient – they treat you like gold. Most of all, they know you by name. Being in the service industry myself, that’s really important to me. Special kudos to Dr. Klump for his caring demeanor, and an extra “shout-out” to April for always making me feel “at home".

Cindy Tauriac

Dr. Klump, Mary, and all the staff are friendly and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them for your general dentistry needs.

Michele Colvin

Great folks! Positivity and professionalism.

Vicky Arnold

Dr. Klump has been my dentist for years. He's terrific and so is the entire staff. It's more like visiting family than going to the dentist. And when you need to be advised about your options, Jim is great! He doesn't try to scare you into doing something you don't need done. Very honest!

Robin Roberts